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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Susan M. Schultz's Memory Cards
reviewed by Joseph Harrington

Susan M. Schultz
Memory Cards: 2010-2011 Series

ISBN: 978-0-935162-46-2
Poetry /  124 pages / pbk.
Singing Horse, 2011

Reviewed by Joseph Harrington

He tells me about a prisoner, 72 years old, stuffed inside a suicide shirt, who screams in Khmer that someone is beheading him. Thus does the wide world find its way into the prose poetry of Susan M. Schultz, most recently in her Memory Cards, 2010-2011 Series (hereafter MC 10-11). Each poem is limited by the space of an index card, and each begins with a line written by another poet, chosen randomly (as I began this paragraph with one chosen randomly from Schultz’ book): there is a “Lissa Wolsak Series,” an “Emily Dickinson Series,” a “John Ashbery Series,” and so on, based upon whose poem the line was taken from. (“Infection in the sentence breeds despair” – did Dickinson really write that??)

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